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Food & Nutrition
Project Leader: Abi

Join us to learn about nutritious food and how to cook it!

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Project Leader: Ms. Lois

Learn how to machine and hand sew.

Dog Project
Project Leader: Renee

Bring your dog to play and train with friends!
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Dairy goats
Project Leader: Ms. Jazmin

Join our award winning dairy goat team to learn all things goat.
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horse project
Project Leader: Ms. Jazmin

Our mini-horse project brings adorable (and stubborn) fun to the arena!
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Rabbit project
Project Leader: Cali

Learn to care for, handle and show rabbits.
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Community Service
Project Leader: Varies

Whether it's picking up trash at the Trinity River or helping out at our local Food Bank, we're there, serving our community.
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Cuisine around the world
Project Leader: Ms. Tamara

Join us once a month to get a taste of other cultures!
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Project Leader: Izzy

Whether you're using a phone or a camera, come out and learn all about focus, lighting and angles!

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Project Leader: Ms. Cathrine-Michelle

If robotics is your thing, you have come to the right place!
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Gardening project

Project Leader: Ms. Jazmin

The community garden is ready for planting, come join us and learn all about seeds, plants and soil management.

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business accounting
Project Leader: Ms. Veronica

Want to run your own business one day? Come find out how!
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2nd Friday Club
Project Leader: Cali

Come out and join us every 2nd Friday for an afternoon of fun!
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Project Leader: Ms. Tamara

Join your friends in making your next TCJLS masterpiece.

4H Logo-31

Project Leader: Ms. Jazmin

Turkeys, chickens and quail....oh my!

4H Logo-33
Project Leader: Ms. Tamara

From our annual Pancake Breakfast to putting up and taking down flags in the neighborhood, our kiddos are working hard!